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With its patented designs, Eventuri sets a new benchmark in the
sector of aftermarket automotive intake systems. The company was
founded in the UK by a team of engineers and enthusiasts who have a
background in aeronautics and share a passion for tuning cars. In the
battle against untested and misleading statements of performance
increases, Eventuri has specialised in the consistent development of
Intake solutions in order to ensure real HP and torque increases.
Through the extensive production of prototypes, numerous tests
and strict validation methods, Eventuri ensures that the in-house
designs lead to the best driving experience in the real world.

Many of our automotive intake systems are TUV verified which
requires passing strict testing procedures. All the tests are
carried out in Germany. We invest significant resources towards
achieving this verification, which gives the end user reassurance
that our intake systems have been made to the highest of standards.

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