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Advantages of the Lithiumax LiFePO4 Lithium Battery:
Advanced BMS safety technology
DEKRA Tested and UN38.3 Approved
Autosport International Award Winning Technology
In-built push button LCD voltage display
Dry cell, no acid, no gassing
Splashproof to IP56 standards
Direct drop in replacement compatible with all 14V–15V charging systems and alternators
Battery Monitoring BMS System onboard – manages input and output current, charge, cell balance and temperature
Flat discharge curve 2000+ discharge cycles vs 500 for lead-acid or AGM/GEL
Higher average voltage. Much more linear power than Lead-Acid or AGM/GEL
Safe, non volatile
Environmentally friendly, organic compounds
5–10 year usable life span
Replaces lead/AGM at only 20% of the weight
Quicker starting with a full 1 volt higher than lead/AGM/GEL and less voltage drop during cranking
Improved engine management & data logging performance with more stable voltage
Less horsepower loss from the alternator due to efficient charging, 5 times faster than lead-acid/AGM/GEL!
Negligable self-discharge, so if the battery is isolated via power disconnect switch, Lithiumax batteries will store for over a year and still have over 13 volts to start the vehicle.

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