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MFD28 Haldex

Product description

The MFD28 has the ability to regulate the Haldex lock level (VAG Gen1 PQ34 platform). Communication takes place via Can Bus, so there is no need to convert the original control unit on the rear axle.

The control is activated by a license.

The Haldex functionality is currently only intended for vehicles with a retrofitted Haldex or with a freely programmable control unit. For more details please get in touch with us.

A new type of widget can also be stored in the display, which shows the current status and locking level of the 4motion drive.

There are currently two widget types to choose from: LOCK and RACE


  • the Haldex is permanently locked and can only be opened (IDLE) and locked (LOCK) by touching the widget


  • the 4motion control locks via a freely selectable sensor and a limit (e.g. boost pressure >-0.3 bar)
  • a second sensor (e.g. speed >250km/h) opens the rear axle again
  • both sensors and limits are freely selectable and adjustable.
  • Furthermore, the widget can be opened (IDLE) and reactivated (RACE) at any time by pressing a finger

If the degree of locking is only 56% , then either the engine is not running (no speed detected) or the brake is applied.

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