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Scorpion Exhaust

Hand Crafted Performance Exhausts!

Since 1992, we have been designing, developing and manufacturing stainless steel performance exhausts in the heart of Derbyshire, UK.

When you pick up a Scorpion exhaust the first thing to strike you will probably be the light weight; followed very quickly by the detailed workmanship and quality finish of each component part. Every exhaust in the range is an engineering work of art, individually hand built by craftsmen at Scorpion's Derbyshire HQ. Materials are specified and hand picked by the engineers, and each specialist fabrication process is signed off on site- any flaws and the system is rejected and destroyed.

All this is backed up by a dedicated R&D department where performance, reliability and acoustics are constantly tested and refined.

Scorpion have been technical partners with championship winning motorsport teams since the early 90’s. From day one the focus has been on production based motorsport as this gives our development engineers the ability to transfer and share race proven technologies with our road going customers.

Our approach allows customers to share the emotion and thrills of our racing programme in a premium product that can be fitted directly onto their road vehicle.

As with all our high-performance products, acoustic development is necessary when creating the correct sound. A key focus of our development process is to create an exhaust that not only performs at the top of its class, but produces a sound that exhilarates your soul – whilst still maintaining everyday drivability of your car / motorcycle.

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