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MFD28—Multi Function Display

Product description

Key features of the MFD28

The MFD28 is rich in functions that you can use, but don't have to.

  1. Hardware: 2.8” TFT screen, touchscreen , MicroSD, MicroUSB, milled bezel
  2. freely configurable directly on the display
  3. Widgets can be moved and resized using drag'n'drop
  4. up to 17 widgets per ad
  5. 64 sensors (Can Bus + internal)
  6. 10 views
  7. 4x analog inputs
  8. 2x speed input
  9. 1x PWM output¹²
  10. 1x digital output¹²
  11. Shift light optional ¹
  12. CAN bus switching
  13. data logging

¹Additional hardware required
²from Display Hardware v2

Technical details:

  • Opening 70.3×52mm
  • Aperture 94×58mm
  • Depth 18.5mm
  • Bezel thickness: 4.5mm

Operating Environment:

  • Input voltage: 12V (other voltage options are available 5V, 24V)
  • Temperature range: -10 to 70°C
  • Current consumption: 250mA (optional: +100mA shift light)

Supported values
Many customers always ask: “Which values ​​can I request from my control unit”. The answer: “ ALL “. The display is compatible with ISO 11898-2 and SAE J2284. Both CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B (i.e. 11 and 29bit identifiers) are supported.

The control unit manufacturers themselves determine which values ​​are sent via the CAN bus interface and also document them accordingly. So here is just a small excerpt from the most important sensors. There are always more available. A total of up to 50 sensors can be queried if the manufacturer supports this.

A small note on Megasquirt: all derivatives are supported here, such as KDFI, UMC1, Microsquirt, etc. However, a CAN bus interface must be implemented.

Individualize directly on the screen

  • 10 displays freely configurable
  • up to 17 widgets per ad
  • 8 different widgets (digital number, bar, RPM widget, single pointer, log, image (from SD card), number, circle, logging start/stop)
  • Widgets can be moved using drag'n'drop
  • Resize the widgets
  • Color customization of the widgets (depending on the widget)

The online configurator is available as an alternative. Here the views can be created in advance and then copied to the SD card using the export function.

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