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BILSTEIN Camper Shock Absorbers for Adventurers
Did you know that campervans and motorhomes demand the very best from their shock absorbers? On bad roads, in bends and at level crossings, they need to dampen the vehicle’s vibrations to provide a comfortable ride.

With our two new Camper shock absorbers, we are transforming converted panel vans and semi-integrated models into comfortable and safe vehicles for long journeys. In contrast to standard shock absorbers, the BILSTEIN B6 Camper and BILSTEIN B6 Camper Advanced deliver exactly the top performance that is required: thanks to innovative technology and over 60 years of experience as a manufacturer of premium shock absorbers.

Semi-integrated vehicles
BILSTEIN B6 Camper and BILSTEIN B6 Camper Advanced are suitable for semi-integrated vehicles based on the Fiat Ducato from model year 2006-present (Light & Heavy) as well as all identically constructed vehicles from Citroën and Peugeot. Variants for fully integrated campers will follow. If you have any questions, please contact your workshop.

Converted vehicles
Do you have a Fiat Ducato panel van built by a camper manufacturer, or converted into a camper yourself, from model year 2006-present (Light & Heavy), and want to use our premium camper shock absorbers? No problem: BILSTEIN B6 Camper and BILSTEIN B6 Camper Advanced fit all models, as well as the identically constructed vehicles from Citroën and Peugeot. Simply ask your workshop.

BILSTEIN B6 Camper Advanced:
A step up to another league
Safety, performance, comfort: This model offers top values in all areas. Thanks to our patented DampMatic technology, the BILSTEIN B6 Camper Advanced has automatic, mechanical damping force adjustment that keeps your vehicle stable at all times: with a soft setting for cruising on coastal roads, with a hard setting for evasive manoeuvres on the motorway.
BILSTEIN B6 Camper:*
Replacement with many benefits
Noticeably improved ride comfort and directional stability: The BILSTEIN B6 Camper has been optimised down to the last detail in the BILSTEIN road test to satisfy the most demanding motorhome owners. The increase in performance compared to the standard shock absorber is clearly noticeable, for example when braking and cornering. In everyday use and especially in extreme situations.

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