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Soundbooster - with Canbus line connection

Product description

Sounds and features controllable via Smartphone

  • The Maxhaust System stimulates high-volume engines (V6/V8) through external sound speakers and gives your vehicle a special sound signature – no regular exhaust system is comparable to this sound.
  • A perfect sound which can be operated through an own app and through original vehicle buttons at the same time.
  • LED status display on sound booster and diagnosis through app for an easy installation.
  • The tube piece, which can rotate by 360°, enables an easy and individual adjustment to any vehicle.
  • You can create as many profiles as you wish.
  • Smartphone app (Apple and Android)
  • Original vehicle buttons, e.g. cruise control, ESP etc.
  • Accelerator pedal position (kick down)

Installation possible in our professional auto repair shop Black Mechanix

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