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Honda S2000

Eibach – Bilstein MDS suspension – 2-way adjustment – rebound and compression, separately with 2 knurl – red/rebound, blue/bump – 10 “clicks”.

Honda Civic Type R

Eibach Bilstein suspension B16 for Honda Civic Type R for race use (Grp. A). Adjustable in 9 clicks in rebound and compression parallel with Eibach springs.

Honda Civic E1 Hillclimbing

Bilstein shock absorbers with 50mm cartridge and 2-way regulation in 10 click rebound and 10 clicks in bump via an external reservoir.

Honda Civic Typre R (FK)

Suspension kit with Eibach springs and Bilstein PSS10 shock absorbers front and rear – adjustment in rebound and compression in 10 “clicks” – with 10 preset settings.

Civic Type R

Bilstein shock absorbers PSS10 hightadjustable and also the setup with 10 different settings.

With Bilstein Gas shock absorbers technology we guarantee.
High performance and long lifetime.
Optimum traction and enhanced stability when driving.
Marked improvement in safety and performance.
Individual adjustment of the vehicle height
Bilstein shock absorbers were adjust individually for the Civic Type R
Surface coating for long lifetime and corrosion restistance.
Eibach springs of high quality with high tensional material.