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Mini R56 Trackday

Mini R56 Trackday kit Bilstein B14 with camber plates and specific Eibach springs for street and Track-Day use.

NTP is ready for the `CHALLENGE‘

NTP is again the supplier of the new Italian MINI Challenge 2016.

Already the last 4 years MINI used an Eibach-Bilstein B16 PSS10 specific built for the Italian Championship with the MINI R56 Cooper S. The new car will have a Bilstein MDS Clubsport 2-way adjustable dampers and a Bilstein 1-way on the rear.

NTP will also supply the K&N air filter, BBS 8×17” and ALIANT lithium battery with a weight of just 2.5 kg

MINI Challenge by BMW Italia

N.T.P. has developed and built the suspension kit for the Italian brand of Mini Challenge, organized by BMW Italia.

N.T.P. has created a structure with Bilstein PSS10 a specific calibration for track and Eibach ERS springs with adjustable height. The driver can act on 10 clicks to adjust the rebound and bump. N.T.P. also provide Top Mount on uniball and Camber adjustable up to 2.5 degrees. The front and rear shock absorbers are designed with the system Bilstein monotube gas type up-side-down (inverted stem)

The testing was done by the technicians of NTP in cooperation with Roberto Ravaglia Ex-World Champion of the “DTM” and Thomas Biagi, Superstars Champion and World Champion of the FIA GT.

Mini for the Time Attack Italia series

Eibach-Bilstein suspension with Bilstein MDS 2-way adjustable damper for a Mini with more than 380hp for the TIME-ATTACK-SERIES.

The engineers of NTP developed for a Mini John Cooper Works a suspension kit with Eibach ERS springs and Bilstein MDS 2-way adjustable dampers for 10 different settings in rebound and bump including Top Mount for front and rear on Uniball.

For a further weight reduction on the rear is a shock absorber in aluminum installed to have a weight reduction of 35% in comparison to a traditional steel damper.

To facilitate adjustment on the rear NTP has used different Top Mounts to change the “click” rapidly during the Pit-Stop.

Mini F56 MY 2014

Eibach-Bilstein suspension for race and trackday for the new Mini F56 with Topmount front and rear.
Eibach ERS main and Helper springs including high-adjustable.
Front Bilstein Shock absorber with 2-way adjustable Bilstein MDS Club-Sport dampfer with 40mm insert and 10 different settings in rebound and bump.
Rear Bilstein shock absorbers with 1-Way adjustable Bilstein PSS10 B10 with 10 clicks in rebound and compression.

Mini Countryman

Some month ago we develop and built for C.P. Company and MINI Italia this special Countryman in “Off-Road” version with a Bilstein and Eibach suspension lift-kit of + 7 cm and wheel spacers of 6cm for each axle. We fit some off-road tires and a special radiator grill with LEDs. The perfect “off-road” vehicle for the city!


NTP ha realizzato per MINI Italia questa MINI Clubman in versione „Scrambler“

Tutto l’esterno è stato creato dai tecnici di NTP, dall’assetto rialzato Eibach-Bilstein, ai fari anteriori BMW supplementari, il portapacchi sul tetto in alluminio e legno, cerchi, gomme e distanziali per abbinarlo allo stile “Scrambler” della moto di casa BMW – la R Nine T Scrambler.

Dopo la MINI Countryman by C.P. Company – vedi sopra – è già la seconda vettura allestita da NTP per MINI Italia.

Siamo molto fieri che MINI Italia ci ha affidato questo lavoro e siamo molto contenti con il risultato finale